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Club Races

Triathlon & Duathlons

Club races are held approximately once a month at the Sydney International Regatta Centre, Penrith.  Occasionally we hold Special Events at alternate venues.  The relevant Race page will have the venue information.

Volunteers are needed for each race. We have various roles that need to be filled to ensure we can run safe, fun races for our members and guests.  If you can assist at one of our races, please register by using the Volunteer Now registration links below.

Online registration closes 2 days prior to race date (unless it is a Special Event – refer to the event page for information).

PTC Course Map – Sydney International Regatta Centre

Click here to view a map of the Regatta Centre course used for our Triathlons.

Age Categories for Races

Triathlon Races Duathlon Races
 Swim / Bike / Run  Run / Bike / Run
Club  15+ Years 1km / 30km / 8km
 Sprint  14+ Years 750m / 20km / 5km  Sprint  14+ Years 5km / 20km / 2km
 Enticer  12+ Years 250m / 10km / 2km  Enticer  12+ Years 2km / 10km / 2km
 Junior  10-15 Years  100m / 5km / 1km  Junior  10-15 Years  1km / 5km / 1km
 Junior  7-9 Years  100m / 2km / 1km  Junior  7-9 Years  500m / 2km / 500m
 Mini / Micro  Under 10 Years  50m / 1km / 200m  Mini / Micro  Under 10 Years  200m / 1km / 200m

**Mini/Micro race distances are maximum distances for kids under 7 years.

Distances may be shortened at Race Director’s discretion.

General Information

You are reminded of your acceptance of entry conditions, waiver release and indemnification. Please note this is a legal part of entering the race and affects your rights. You have attested your physical condition to participate in this event. If you have developed a medical condition since you registered to enter, then this should be brought to attention of the Race Director and, where deemed appropriate by the Race Director, a medical certificate produced.

Qualified First Aid Personnel will be on duty at our races.  Please ask for medical help if you have the slightest hint you may need it.


In an emergency, it may be necessary for athletes to evacuate the course during an event.

Prior to commencement of the event(s), all athletes, volunteers, event staff and spectators will be advised that the sounding of a continuous siren (or air horn) will signal that evacuation is required.  All athletes in the water must immediately vacate the course and proceed to the nearest shore.

If an emergency evacuation is required, the following protocols will be observed:

  • Slowly developing emergency situation, eg electrical storm approaching or deteriorating water conditions
    Prior to conditions becoming dangerous, the Race Director will sound a siren and direct water safety volunteers/staff to assist athletes to vacate the course and move to the nearest safe shore & exit the water.
  • Rapidly developing emergency situation,
    water safety volunteers/staff are empowered sound a siren to immediately direct athletes to vacate the course by moving to the nearest safe shore to exit the water. The Race Director does not need to be consulted in a rapidly developing emergency situation.
  • Bike Course / Run Course,
    If an emergency situation arises whilst athletes are on the bike and/or run course, the Race Director will sound the siren and direct Volunteers via radio to evacuate the course. It is imperative that you follow the instructions of PTC Committee Members & Volunteers without question.

Decisions regarding evacuation of the course and cancellation of part or all of the race, are done in the interests of your safety.

You should ensure that your bike is in race worthy condition and you must wear a Bike Helmet that carries an Australian Standards Approved Sticker. You should ensure that it is adjusted properly.

Enter the transition are only after you have received your timing chip from our volunteers at the registration desk. When entering transition your helmet should be on your head with the chin straps clipped together as if you were ready to race.  A visual inspection of your helmet and bike will be carried out by the Technical Official as you enter the transition area.  The transition area will close prior to race briefing.  Bags must not be left in the transition area.  After the race – please wait for confirmation from the Race Director before entering transition to remove your bike & other items.

PTC follows the Triathlon Australia competition rules.  You can locate the TA Competition Rules via their website –

Competitors are responsible for their own safety, the safety of their own equipment and are to be considerate of the safety of others.

You should place some form of identification on all your personal gear/property for ease of identification if any is misplaced and handed in to officials.  Please note that the race organizers take no responsibility for lost property.  If items remain after race pack up, PTC will post details via our Facebook page.  It is your responsibility to message the page and organise collection of your items as quickly as possible.  Items not collected will be given to charity.

Please ensure you place all rubbish in the bins available at the Venue.  We operate on a ‘leave no trace’ basis and need your assistance to ensure we are not penalised by the Venue for rubbish left behind.

Please ensure you listen to the race briefing provided by the Race Director on the day.

If there are extreme temperatures, Triathlon NSW Hot Weather Guidelines will be considered. This may include any of the following options:

Rescheduling the event
Decreasing the bike and run distances
Additional drink stations
Specific cooling within the recovery area.
For all Junior races the run leg will be changed to run a short loop from transition run exit along the footpath to the finish chute.

If there are rain/storm or air quality issues, a decision will not be made until race start time whether the event will continue or if any modifications will be required.

Any updates will be provided by the Race Director at the briefing.  If any pre-information becomes available, it will be posted on the PTC Facebook page.


Triathlon & Duathlon – February 2022 – sponsored by Blue Mountains Running Co.

Saturday, 5th February 2022, 5:00pm - Sydney International Regatta Centre, Penrith

February Race Information


Sprint & Enticer Races: – PTC Member $35; Triathlon Australia Member but not PTC member $45; Non-Member $55
Junior Race (10-15 years) – PTC Member $25; Triathlon Australia Member but not PTC member $35; Non-Member $45
Mini/Micro Race (under 10 yrs) & Junior 7-9 years race  – Free

Late Entries: There are no on the day entries.  All registrations must be completed via the online registration portal, which closes 2 days prior to race day.

Race Options:


  • Sprint – 14+years – 750m swim/20km bike/5km run
  • Enticer – 12+ years – 250m swim/10km bike/2km run
  • Junior 10-15 years – 100m swim/5km bike/1km run
  • Junior 7-9 years – 100m swim/2km bike/1km run
  • Mini/Micro under 10 years – 50m swim / 1km bike / 200m run


  • Enticer – 12 + years 2.5km run/10km bike/2km run

Event times:

Mini/Micro Race

  • Registration desk opens 3.45pm
  • Registration desk closes 4.45pm
  • Race briefing 4.45pm
  • Mini/Micro race start 5.00pm

Junior, Enticer & Sprint Triathlon & Enticer Duathlon Races

  • Registration desk opens 3.45pm – please ensure you maintain social distancing around the registration desk
  • Registration desk closes 4.45pm – if you arrive after this time, you will not be able to race
  • Main race briefing 5.15pm (approx.)
  • Junior, Enticer & Sprint Triathlon & Enticer Duathlon race start 5.30pm

Triathlon & Duathlon – March 2022 – sponsored by TBC

Sunday, 6th March 2022, 4:00pm - Sydney International Regatta Centre, Penrith

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