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Coffee Club Handicap

The Coffee Club Handicap Season occurs on Tuesday evenings for the period of Daylight Saving. The 20/21 season will commence Tue 13th October 2020 and will run until the end of Daylight Savings in March 2021. The season will conclude with a casual un-timed run, BBQ and presentation (Subject to COVID restrictions). All participants must be a financial member of Panthers Tri Club (to meet Insurance requirements), however there is no charge to participate in the Coffee Club Runs each week.

The run is self-timed so BYO stop watch. Simply turn up anytime from 5:50- 6:20pm and sign on at the rego table at the Coffee Club. The aim is to finish the run at 6:55pm, so estimate your start time with this in mind.

Coffee Club Handicap Run is conducted as an honesty based self-timed competition. Upon completion of your run, simply report either your finish time as displayed on the digital clock at the finish eg 55:17, OR your actual run time eg. 30mins 17sec. Report your time of choice, when you hand in your numbered peg that is issued to you on completion of the run.

The course covers a 6.4km route (approx.), starting on the footpath adjacent to the Coffee Club driveway exit and opposite the entrance to the Tench Reserve boat ramp driveway.
It finishes adjacent to the undercover picnic stand at the end of the northern carpark of Tench Reserve.

Runners are reminded that where they are required to use public roads, they are required to obey Road Rules at all times.

Handicap Points are not given for each competitor’s first run of the season (i.e. all runners will qualify for points from their second run).
A faster time than handicap calculated time will increase the handicap.
Three consecutive slower times will qualify for a reduced handicap.

Handicap points are issued to all runners that cross the line AFTER 6:53:00pm. If you finish before this time, you have clearly foxed in previous weeks. In this instance, only your time will be recognised so that your handicap may be adjusted for following weeks. You will not receive a numbered peg in this instance, just report to the top and record your time in shame. This time may rise to 6:54:00 at the committee’s discretion. No one should really beat their handicap by over a minute after the first month or so.

Points are allocated as follows. First runner receives 50, second runner receives 49, third 48, etc etc. While those in position 51 and following will each receive 1 point.

Fastest time points are given to the first five runners over the line in the Male and Female categories as described above (as long as they haven’t finished too early and are awarded a numbered peg)

Participants that fail to start on their designated handicap time for whatever reason, will receive no points and have no time recorded for that race. The admin involved in this is time consuming and it wrecks the spreadsheet. Just start at the time given. No exceptions! 

Awards will be given to :
First, Second and Third Handicap Point Leaders at the end of the season for both Male and Female Categories
First, Second and Third Fastest Run Time Point Leaders at the end of the season for both Male and Female Categories
Other prizes maybe given at the discretion of the Handicapper

Handicap run Frequently asked questions

Do I have to be a strong runner to participate?
No! Runners, joggers and walkers are all welcome. Every week points are allocated to runners on the basis of how they are progressing against their own times. At the end of the season awards are presented for a variety of categories. It’s a great run because you don’t necessarily have to be the fastest to win an award … it’s all about maintaining consistency with your own times and slowly bringing them down!

How much is it to participate?
It is free to participate, as long as you are a PTC member, or a member of Triathlon Australia.

Are there any rules I need to know about?
Runners are reminded that they are required to use public roads and obey road rules and guidelines at all times.


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